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Alan Suicide Vega : Infinite Mercy

This exhibition will come along with a reference book in english, and published by Presse du Réel, collecting a widely new iconography, with a preface by Thierry Raspail, director of the Lyon Museum of contemporary Art, and a text of Mathieu Copeland, curator of the exhibition

This book consist of a long interview with Alan Vega, as well as discussion with and shared memories from a wide range of his most notable collaborators and colleagues : Edit DeAk, Marty Rev, Paul Liebegott, Rick Ocasek, Marc Hurtado, Philippe Grandrieux, Henry Rollin.

A facsimile of Art-Rite 13 issue also open this book, and Let U$ Pray , the 16-page booklet specially assembled by Alan Vega conclude this publication.

Dijon : Presses du Réel, 2010. 144 p. ill. coul.

ISBN : 978-2-84066-376-8

Price : 25 €