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Alan Vega, Infinite Mercy

Light Sculptures

"I started as a painter. The first time I did a light piece was when I was working on a very big purple painting. There was one light bulb in the room and as I walked around I noticed how the painting acquired different aspects. I wanted it to be one color so I said, "Fuck this, man !" I took the light out of the ceiling and really stuck it on the painting. That started me with the whole idea of light because I wanted to control the color but then I suddenly began to realize just how much light affects a painting - all painting is about light. Whitout light in the room you wouldn't see the painting. Painting is actually reflective light. Suddenly, I wanted to control the light, I wanted to control the color and as I started working with light, I started getting more and more into different colors of light instead of using paint. I started using light bulbs of color that became my paint, you know, and then also because you have to attach a bulb to a socket, it suddenly became a sculpture."

Track in listening: Alan Vega '07 13 Crosses, 16 Blazin' Skulls' 

Alan Vega, Infinite Mercy

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