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Jean-Luc Mylayne, Tête d'or

May 15 - August 2, 2009

Jean-Luc Mylayne was invited in Lyon for the first time in 2001, at the Biennial of Contemporary Art, and the project to collaborate between the artist and the museum was determined on that occasion. The artist presents at the macLYON 71 unseen pictures, especially produced for the exhibition.

"The works shown were produced between 1992 and 2008. They occupy two floors, with two distinct configurations. One is mainly spatial, and brings a temporal aspect to the volumes by playing with symmetries and distances. The other is more clearly sequenced and plays visually with successions, associations, permutations." Thierry Raspail (macLYON director), extracts from the exhibition catalogue

Each picture is the result of a long and patient preliminary work, made of observation and taming, and is printed, almost without exception, in one unique copy. During his entire career, he has barely produced more than 400 pictures.

These last fifteen years, only two exhibitions were dedicated to him in France : the Saint-Etienne Museum of Modern Art in 1991 and the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art in 1995. On the contrary, Jean-Luc Mylayne just accomplished a series of solo exhibitions in various American institutions like the Art Museum of Houston, the Henry Art Gallery of the University of Washington, Seattle, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and soon at the Parrish Art Museum, Southampton. Furthermore, he frequently exhibits at the prestigious art galleries Barbara Gladstone (New York, Bruxelles) and Monika Sprüth, Philomène Magers (Berlin / Londres). The Lannan Foundation has been supporting him for more than 7 years.