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Video programme curated by Shilpa Gupta for Indian Highway IV

Continuous broadcasting, in lecture room

"When I first embarked on the video project TRANSFORMATIONS for the Indian Highway exhibition at HEART, I had no overall theme in mind. Having selected and reviewed over a hundred video works I was even against assigning an overarching theme and was considering simply calling the project Just Great Video Works! Then, however, one word suddenly kept appearing in my mind: TRANSFORMATIONS ; a concept in which I personally have a keen interest. It can take the form of transformations of hope, memory, images, experiences, and of geography and time. I believe that transformations allow us to gain a better understanding of the world."
Shilpa Gupta

Tushar Joag

Jataka Trilogy, 2004
Video, 6'56''

Vivan Sundaram

The Brief Ascension of Marian Hussain, 2005
Video, 2'24''

Sunil Gupta

Love Undetectable #11, 2009
Video, 2'19''
Love Undetectable #12, 2009
Video, 0'45''
Love Undetectable #13, 2009
Video, 5'22''

Baptist Coelho

Corporal Dis (Connect) Mode #1 Standard Mode and Intoxicated Mode, 2007
Video, 1'09''

Kiran Subbaiah

Hello... I am, 2009
Video, 7'07''
Now I See It , 1999
Video, 1'36''

Nikhil Chopra

Yog Raj Chitrakar. Memory Drawing. Part 1, 2008
Video, 9'28''

Running time: 37'06''