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The Creators Project

JUNE 1st to 5th, 2011

3 installations are exhibited in the entrance hall of the Museum during the Nuits Sonores, as part of Chirps

A fresh ingredient added to the Creators Project mix, João Vasco Paiva is a Portugese-born artist based in Hong Kong since 2006, where he's been exploring sound and image through seemingly “random” patterns taken from urban or natural environments. His installation Chirps, with its chatty plastic birds atop an abstract city-scape, has proved ultra-popular with visitors to the Beijing exhibition (one Japanese viewer kept calling his cellphone throughout dinner in the attempt to buy them). He explains the origins of the piece below – survival of the fakest?


72 is an interactive and lightning installation composed of 6 self-supporting structures. Each module consists of 12 LED bars of 40 cm each. When the installation is illuminated, the light in motion composes graphic and visual perspectives that change the perception of the base volume. The viewer can play with light by using his phone (iPhone) or using a touch pad to create games of depth and space.


The two artists present a simple and interactive installation. A video projection should intensify the impact and cause an unexpected visual result. A rich experience in sensations.

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