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Rendez-vous 11

September 15 - November 13, 2011

Preview of the XIth Biennale of Lyon

Rendez-vous 11, an international platform, dedicated to young artists, which combines an unprecedented way in France:

3 institutions:

- Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon
- Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne / Rhône-Alpes
- National School of Fine Arts, Lyon

10 curators and directors of biennales associated who invite:

- 20 artists of the 5 continents, of which 10 French artists or living in France
- 2 graphic designers: Thomas Leblond - Clément Le Tulle-Neyret

Opening Sunday September 11st, 2011 at 11 am 
Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne / Rhône-Alpes

Opened during the professional days of the XIth Biennale of Lyon
September 13th and 14th, 2011

Website of the exhibition