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Cage's Satie: Composition for Museum

28 September - 30 December 2012

Opening Thursday September 27th, 2012

John Cage was a singularly inventive, highly influential, and much beloved American composer, writer, philosopher, and visual artist.

Cage’s Satie: Composition for Museum is a multi-sensory exhibition of works by John Cage that celebrates his enduring love of the French composer Erik Satie. Cage was indebted to many artists throughout his life, James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, and Henry David Thoreau among them. Of all the individuals of influence, however, Erik Satie holds a place of particular reverence and honor.

The present exhibition takes a fresh approach to the presentation of John Cage’s oeuvre by foregoing the usual emphasis on precious artifacts in favor of sounded works.


Laura Kuhn is the director of the John Cage Trust, in New York.