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George Brecht, Partitions, Glass et Chair Events... 1959–2012

September 28 - December 30, 2012

Opening Thursday 27th September, 2012

In 1986, macLYON organized the first George Brecht retrospective, the only in his lifetime, dedicated to Events. True to his nature, Brecht did not come to his own exhibition. Although he considered the “activity” of exhibiting to be important, he was indifferent to whether what was displayed was art or not: “I never think of what I do as being art or not. It's an activity. That's all”. The artworks on display were therefore borrowed from collectors or rebuilt. Reconstructed artworks were approved of by the artist, through photographs and telephone confirmation. A letter bears testimony to this exchange.

A selection from Brecht’s Glass & Chair Events and Scores will be displayed to coincide with the 2012 Cage’s Satie: Composition for Museum (curated by Laura Kuhn, at macLYON).