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Grey Matter

With this exhibition, Daniel Firman evokes the multiple meanings of the expression Grey Matter. From neuronal matter to earth as a raw material as well as composite industrial materials, interpreting his work becomes immediately reversible and simultaneous. Without ignoring the use of the color grey in contemporary art, this neutral and substantial reference begs the question: can the same thing be understood in two different ways?

Daniel Firman is primarily a visual artist who constructs ‘presence’. For him, shapes as fragments (of the body, time, an object or a word) are essential. They must be ‘efficient’ whilst simultaneously coping with a principle of image. Although the appearance of his work echoes back to the traditional questions of a classical sculptor (weight, shape, matter, the body, gravity and modalities of creation) it can also be seen as being completely modern in the way it considers a working area to be space which is linked to life, performance and effort in order to exist within gesture and avoid considering sculpture to be the result of a sculptor’s program.

Over the two levels of macLYON which house the exhibition, the visitor walks along an itinerary that oscillates between visible and invisible objects and human forms, between presence and absence, following a kind of ‘story in sculpture’ which progressively introduces perceptual areas.

La matière grise

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