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Supportive 1966-2011, the exhibition

15 February - 14 april 2013

Opening Thursday February 14th, 2013

Gustav Metzger was born in 1926 in Nuremburg, Germany.
He currently lives and works in London.

Born into a Jewish family of Polish origin and exiled to England in 1939, Gustav Metzger was miraculously spared the death camps, unlike his family. The artist would therefore go on to place the “borderline experience” implemented and experienced by Europe during WWII at the heart of his oeuvre, as a symbol of man’s ability to self-destruct.

With Supportive by Gustav Metzger, the macLYON renews its acquisitions policy defined since its opening in 1984. Designed for and produced by the museum, these monographic exhibitions are both a problematic and a unique moment in the artist’s oeuvre, as well as being generic works*. Designed in London for the third floor of the museum, finalized and acquired in 2011, this exhibition will be installed in 2013. Supportive is the most monumental auto-creative oeuvre ever made by Gustav Metzger.


Mathieu Copeland

*A generic work, whether it is monumental or composed of numerous elements, aims to synthesize one particular aspect that is characteristic of the artist’s work, in general. The generic work synthesizes all of the artist’s previous works which it crystallizes and encapsulates in a new problematic.