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Latifa Echakhch


FEbruary 15- APRIL 14 2013

Opening Thursday February 14th, 2013

Latifa Echakhch was born in 1974 in El Khnansa (Morocco) and currently lives and works in Martigny (Switzerland).
Born in Morocco, Latifa Echakhch came to France at the age of 3 but has lived for most of her life in Switzerland. Hers is a multi-referential and multidirectional work, just like her personal background, her travels and her eclectic centres of interest.
Latifa Echakhch tends to produce installation pieces that are in direct connection with the space in which they are presented, thereby blending personal, multicultural, historical and sociological references.
For Lyon, the artist will take over an entire floor of the museum, some 1000 m2 and create an itinerary made up of a succession of “personal landscapes” just as image stills.

This exhibition is organized with the support of the Galerie kamel mennour, Paris.