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Rebirth of the Bath House

This exhibition will involve designing a structure and producing drawings, 3D models, physical models and renderings of the project. The source of interest for the design building will be networks, analytics, statistics and causality as represented aesthetically in the contemporary fields of mathematics, biology and architecture.

This results from those fields of research and execution and from the manner they utilize systems theory, cybernetics and networks discourse as a way to deal with and explain real events as they are happening, and how they might become useful to either produce something or to become predictive of future events.

The key figure of the billiard table will form the foundation for this metaphor. Schumacher started to think about the billiard table as a building - maybe for example the possibility of the top being a park or green space -a natural space versus chaos on the top with the movement of the balls with the rational grid of city below it. And then the interior of the table where the balls go after they have been sunk - this becomes the origin, the organs of the structure alluding to the infrastructure that upholds the city or the “game”.

Ben Schumacher

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