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Retrospective Erró

3 october 2014 - 22 february 2015

Opening Thursday October 2nd, 2014

Born in Iceland in 1932, Erró lives and works in Paris since 1958.

Anticipating the infinite and continuous flux of information and images that flows around digital networks, Erró was interested from the start in this profusion of images and he invented new narrative forms as well as lexicons of vocabulary, a novel form of grammar and original rhetoric.

Using collages and paintings, he drafted a visual and critical kind of counter-encyclopedia of all forms of knowledge that is high in color and comedy, excess and ambiguity that is accessible to all.

The macLYON has chosen to present this ever-relevant aspect of his work in a 3000 m² exhibition area covering 3 floors. Comprising collages, performances, films, aquarelles, paintings and drawings, this collection of over 500 works from public and private collections from across Europe narrates all the innovative forms and aspects of the work of Erró, the first storyteller in the history of art.


Thierry Raspail


Danielle Kvaran