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Listen Profoundly

6 march - 20 april 2014

Inauguration Wednesday, March 5th 2014 at 6:30 pm
followed by Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No. 2 by Quatuor Béla at 8 pm.

The title of this exhibition is inspired directly from the pages of a compilation entitled XXX, Anecdotes and Drawings by Morton Feldman, acquired by the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art in 2003: "Listen Profoundly".

This formula, which is as much an injunction, a call to live sound, spatial and temporal experience as a spiritual quest, a question of listening will be the focal point of the three visual and sound installations presented in this project. Feldman, Langheinrich, Goebbels: three composers in search of sounds, three artists in search of meaning, three remarkable incantations, all dedicated to fathom what is given to see and understand.

Sound and visual installations:

Morton Feldman
XXX, Anecdotes & Drawings, 1984

Ulf Langheinrich
Land IV, 2011

Heiner Goebbels
Genko An 69006, 2013
(order of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon and Grame)

Biennale Musiques en Scène