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Antoine Catala

April 17 - July 12, 2015
Opening Thursday April 16th, 2015

First solo exhibition in France

Born in 1975 in Toulouse (France), Antoine Catala lives and works in New York (USA).

With his video- sculptures or his witticism, Antoine Catala plays with the imperfections of language, the physicality of images and their tactile characteristic, using accident and technology, hologram, 3D printer or morphing.

Catala’s works may be said to compare or establish a connection between all kinds of images, analogies, words, signs, logos and atmospheres. Television and Internet are the primary sources of inspiration of Antoine Catala’s work, which reproduces the mechanisms of the two aforementioned media by transforming them for poetic purposes. In them, the artist intentionally finds new opportunities of linking reality, the image and language.

Antoine Catala is continuing his research on visual signs, and transforms an entire floor of the museum with the installation Jardin synthétique à l’isolement (Synthetic Garden to Isolation), 2014-2015, produced and acquired by the macLYON.