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Antoine Catala’s Jardin synthétique à l’isolement (Synthetic Garden to Isolation) is a kind of island, made up of artificial plants, screens,signs and sounds, and was created in collaboration with people working with non-verbal persons, andnon-verbal themselves. The signs of communication used are presented as sculptures, pronounced or uttered by the digital voice of a machine. This work illustrates the joy of communicating via a machine, while evoking the communications problems, but also the sense of connection to the world through this particular language.


Today, any word, thanks to a web search can display millions of images. Then, through the use of 3D printers, a word may allow one to access files, which in turn allows one to print the objects associated or connected with that same words. Thus, with the help of machines, a new physical equivalency is established: object = image = word.
Antoine Catala 

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