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Neume, spectre, fumée

15 - 26 maY 2019

Opening Monday 13th May 2019

La Maison de Michala Julìnyovà
La Maison (2018), Michala Julínyová, image from a film.

As part of its season devoted to sound in contemporary art, macLYON has given carte blanche to the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. The exhibition Neume, spectre, fumée presents a selection of works by artists who graduated in 2018.

A “neume” was the basic element of musical notation, from the 9th century through the entire Middle Ages, prior to the invention of modern, five-line staff notation. Proceeding by similarity and analogy, slipping backwards and forwards from listening to seeing, from the visual to the audible, the exhibition presents an imaginary run up-and-down the scale, an elemental mapping of an ancient skill, the emergence of an unequivocal movement divided into notes, partials, and clouds.

Curator: Gilles Grand

Artists: Ophélie Demurger, Jean Doroszczuk, Adriane Emerit, Hugo Ferretto, Perrine Forest, Quentin Goujout, Juliette Guerin, Hélène Hulak, Michala Julínyová, Maintenance Tank x Nicolas Degrange, Pierre Masclef, Jean-Baptiste Perret, Sinem Sahindokuyucu, Frédérique Vivet