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Current exhibitions

In 2019 the MAC’s new cultural programme is sure to ‘make some noise’!

The museum has decided to open its season with the recently acquired sound piece Rainforest by David Tudor, in resonance with a selection of works by artists from the collection such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, etc. in Sounding New.

On the 2nd floor of the museum, Maxwell Alexandre, a rising artist from the young Brazilian arts scene will have his first exhibition in a museum outside Brazil: a remarkable ensemble of paintings inspired by rap music.
Meanwhile a new kind of exhibition titled Storytelling invites six young artists to invest the museum in turn, creating their work in the presence of the public, based around sound.

On the 3rd floor of the MAC, Tal Isaac Hadad presents a performative project combining massage and lyrical song.

In parallel the museum has concocted a whole host of events and activities around dance, hip hop, video art, etc.