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Jimmy Richer x Prometheus Delivered by Thomas Feuerstein - Exhibition
Artist's portrait Jimmy Richer
Jimmy Richer working on the wall of the museum

With Jimmy Richer, an artist born in 1989 in Montpellier, the macLYON is launching a new exhibition format called Crossover. The idea is to create a dialogue between works in the museum's collection and works by emerging artists. "Crossover" is a term from the world of graphic fiction: characters from different series are brought together as antagonists, protagonists or allies.

This protean exhibition cross references artistic practices, periods and generations. It encourages us to approach the collection with a fresh eye, while at the same time supporting cutting-edge contemporary creation.

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Due to the quarantine, the exhibition could only be opened fron 7th to 29th October 2020.

Wednesday to Sunday
11am -  6pm


Mezzanine's museum

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Prometheus Delivered (2017-2019) is a sculpture by Austrian artist Thomas Feuerstein, which entered the macLYON collection after the 15th Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art, Where Water Comes Together With Other Water (2019). In Greek mythology, the titan Prometheus was condemned by Jupiter to be tied to a rock, as a punishment for giving fire to mortals. An eagle comes every day to peck at his liver, which regenerates every night.

In Thomas Feuerstein's work, the sculpture of Prometheus in chains is eaten by stone-eating bacteria, while a device continuously feeds artificial liver cells. Mythology and science enter into an allegorical dialogue that seems to interrogate the potential futures of humanity.

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His interest in fire as a physical and historical phenomenon led Jimmy Richer to analyse the implications of this story in a mural that he created to resonate with Thomas Feuerstein's work. Fire, in the guise here of a comet associated with the figure of Prometheus, bears witness to the existence of this element, whether it came from the sky or appeared spontaneously in nature, long before it was used by mankind.

Jimmy Richer inquires into the origins of myths, traditions and stories. The invention of the myth of Prometheus was, in his opinion, a way for humans to give meaning, albeit mythological and irrational, to the scientific and technological potential of the mastery of fire.

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