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Jesper Just

INTERFEARS - Exhibition
Production still of Jesper Just
Jesper Just, production still, 2023 Courtesy Perrotin and Galleri Nicolai Wallner

Jesper Just's works are, more often than not, large, aesthetic, sculptural video installations with an enigmatic and immersive quality, in which the viewer is invited to move around. The almost surreal, ambiguous trajectories and encounters of his figures, which transcend the usual codes and stereotypes, are an enthralling experience. Although his works have a cinematic quality, they diverge from film in their rhythm and the artist's tendency to shift from narrative to total experience.

In his recent productions, Jesper Just has created ecosystems that combine technology, the body and nature, using, for example, electrodes connected to dancers' bodies, aquaponic systems, and networks of tubes, cables and LED screen panels. Technology and nature converge and merge in what the artist himself calls a techno-poetics.


For INTERFEARS, his exhibition at macLYON, Jesper Just will present a new film featuring the emotional topography of an actor (Matt Dillon) captured by an MRI scanner during a soliloquy.

Curator: Matthieu Lelièvre, artistic adviser at macLYON




The film INTERFEARS is produced by Anna Lena Films
Coproduced by macLYON, Perrotin, Galleri Nicolai Wallner
Supported by The Danish Arts Council
With the participation of DICRé AM


Watch Jesper Just talk about his film and the exhibition:

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