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Neume, spectre, fumée

Exhibition view ENSBA Lyon
Neume, spectre, fumée, exhibition view Photo Blaise Adilon

As part of its season devoted to sound in contemporary art, macLYON has given carte blanche to the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. The exhibition Neume, spectre, fumée presents a selection of works by artists who graduated in 2018.

A “neume” was the basic element of musical notation, from the 9th century through the entire Middle Ages, prior to the invention of modern, five-line staff notation. Proceeding by similarity and analogy, slipping backwards and forwards from listening to seeing, from the visual to the audible, the exhibition presents an imaginary run up-and-down the scale, an elemental mapping of an ancient skill, the emergence of an unequivocal movement divided into notes, partials, and clouds.

Curator: Gilles Grand

Artists: Ophélie Demurger, Jean Doroszczuk, Adriane Emerit, Hugo Ferretto, Perrine Forest, Quentin Goujout, Juliette Guerin, Hélène Hulak, Michala Julínyová, Maintenance Tank x Nicolas Degrange, Pierre Masclef, Jean-Baptiste Perret, Sinem Sahin, Frédérique Vivet

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Third floor of the museum

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