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Philippe Droguet

Blow up - Exhibition
Exhibition view Philippe Droguet
Exhibition view Philippe Droguet, Blow up Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Pietro Spartà, Chagny. Photo Blaise Adilon

The exhibition of Philippe Droguet’s works on Level 1 of the macLYON brings together pieces from the museum’s collections and more recent works created since the beginning of the 2000s, including a 2013 creation – Couvre Feu – which is composed of approximately one hundred parakeet nesting boxes displayed in two rows, one above the other.

Philippe Droguet’s works are both organic, carnal and threatening, initiating a permanent back and forth between attraction and repulsion.
Philippe Droguet’s materials and objects are familiar but intriguing : paraffin freezing marmoreal folds, sharp nails covering the inside of a bath, shells, barks...

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Wednesday to Sunday, 11am -  6pm


First floor of the museum

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Texte En savoir plus : Gauche

Philippe Droguet’s pieces are appealing, organic and - for some - sensual at first glance, yet they also reveal themselves to be strange or even threatening. The forms he creates contain elements of both painting and sculpture..

The exhibition’s title – Blow Up – refers to the 1966 film of the same name by Michelangelo Antonioni which won the Golden Palm at Cannes in 1967. Blow Up plays along this theme to suggest a link between that which is visible at first glance and that which is revealed later.

Texte En savoir plus : Droite

Droguet selects his materials according to what they are to determine within his pieces and the projects he formulates for them. The list of materials is long, disparate and potentially infinite but they epitomize the wealth of his textures and the strangeness of his forms. Screws, upholsterer’s tacks, baths, nest boxes, gas cylinders, shoes and toothpicks, as well as animal bones, highway paint and shotgun cartridge gunpowder. Paraffin fixes permanent marmoreal creases into a sheet, upholsterer’s tacks, instead of being hammered home, stick to a surface and create a fur-like effect with their sharp points, and tree bark, the thickest of all skins, is itself protected by delicately applied coats of paraffin.

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Visuel catalogue Philippe Droguet

Catalogue Philippe Droguet

Date de création: 07/13/2020

Date de modification: 07/13/2020

Avec des textes d’Anne Bertrand (critique d’art et commissaire d’expositions), Anaïd Demir (critique d'art) et Hervé Percebois ainsi qu'une préface de Thierry Raspail (directeur du Musée).

Lyon : Musée d'Art Contemporain, 2013. 106 p., ill. En coul.
Bilingue (français/anglais)
ISBN : 978-2-35906-102-4
Prix : 25 €



visuel fiche d'exposition Philippe Droguet

Visiting guide Philippe Droguet

Date de création: 07/13/2020

Date de modification: 07/15/2020

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Press release Philippe Droguet

Date de création: 07/21/2020

Date de modification: 07/21/2020

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