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Disorders – Excerpts from the collection Antoine de Galbert.

Artwork by Thibault Scemama de Gialluly
Thibault Scemama de Gialluly, Collectionneur d'emmerdes, 2016 Collection Antoine de Galbert, Paris

After Une histoire de famille, Collection(s) Robelin in 2022, the first ever exhibition at the macLYON dedicated to a private collection, the museum has invited collector Antoine de Galbert to exhibit a large selection of works from his personal collection over an entire floor of the museum.

Originally from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Antoine de Galbert has been working for numerous years to promote and support contemporary art, mainly through the foundation he established in 2003. He was also the founder and president of La Maison rouge, an exhibition space whose artistic programme marked the Parisian arts scene between 2004 and 2018. For over thirty years, Antoine de Galbert has been collecting contemporary art with a strong focus on Art Brut, as well as other forms of ethnological and/or folk art. His eclectic collection bears witness to his insatiable curiosity and the interest he has taken in both internationally recognized artists and young artists whose works are still little known. His self-taught yet confident sensibility has afforded him free rein in the selection of pieces, allowing him to bring together an independent collection freed from the traditional norms of art history. His commitment to the art world and the relationship he maintains with the artists in his collection make him a passionate and exciting collector.

The artworks in Antoine de Galbert’s collection are regularly presented in exhibitions in France and overseas alike. He has also made several significant donations to a number of prestigious collections including those of the Musée des Confluences in Lyon in 2017 (the donation of 530 headpieces), the Musée de Grenoble in 2023, as well as the Centre Pompidou, Château d’Oiron, and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

Designed in close collaboration with Antoine de Galbert, this exhibition at the macLYON features over 250 works, showcasing the wealth and singularity of his collection.

Artists : Jane Alexander, Sara Bichão, Miriam Cahn, Marcel Dzama, John Isaacs, Richard Jackson, Mari Katayama, Annie Leibovitz, Christian Lhopital, Boris Mikhailov, Kent Monkman, Zanele Muholi, Stéphane Pancréac’h, Raphaëlle Ricol, Mika Rottenberg, Thomas Schütte, Sylvie Selig, Agathe Snow, Stéphane Thidet, Alexander Tsikarishvili, Erwin Wurm, Jérôme Zonder…

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