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Incarnations, le corps dans la collection

The Body in the macLYON Collection - Exhibition
Exhibition view: work by Alex Da Corte
Exhibition view of the Collection, 2018. Artwork by Alex Da Corte Photo Blaise Adilon

Incarnations inaugurates a series of exhibitions and events programmed for 2023, focusing on the presence of the body in the works of the macLYON Collection.

Incarnations is structured around two acts, each presenting a facet of the body considered from an approach inspired by phenomenology. Moving away from the cogito of René Descartes (the famous “I think, therefore I am”), the philosophical current of the first half of the 20th century affirms on the contrary that we are above all our bodies, and that there is no “pure” thought detached from an organism that perceives and experiences. To be, to be oneself, to be one’s body, it is this incarnate conception of the body that underlies the two acts of this exhibition.

The first act, taking place from 24 February to 9 July 2023, takes as its starting point the body in its organic dimension, the carnal matter as it is modelled by the artists who use it as their object, subject, and support, as well as the medium of their artistic practices. The works on display, dating from the 1960s to the present day, bear witness to a line of questioning that has led artists to reflect on a new relationship to art. They present the body in its physical truth, as a means of experimenting with oneself and the world. Confronted with this fallible organism, subject to its dysfunctions, imperfections, limits, and its mortal condition, the artists appropriate the body and make it a tool for reflection, as well as a response to pre-established artistic and societal codes.

The second act of the exhibition, beginning in September 2023 in the same space, continues the issues raised in the first, no longer through the prism of the organic nature of the body however, but in its confrontation with the other, the environment, and the world. A new selection of artists and works focuses on the way in which the body lives, interacts, and is impacted by the social and societal context.

The two acts of the exhibition give pride of place to the collection of the Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon, inaugurated in 1984, and features works coming from the exhibitions at the museum and/or the Lyon Biennales of Contemporary Art, and regularly added to by donations and acquisitions. Spanning over nine decades of creation, from the 1930s to the present day, the macLYON Collection mirrors the reflections and concerns of the artists who compose it, and more broadly the evolution of perspectives during this period.




Marina Abramović & Ulay, Vito Acconci, Delphine Balley, Ben, Alex Da Corte, Marc Desgrandchamps, Philippe Droguet, Edi Dubien, Erró, Robert Gober, Shigeko Kubota, George Maciunas, Bruce Nauman, Dennis Oppenheim, Nam June Paik, Mimmo Paladino, Alain Pouillet, Jean Rosset, Thomas Ruff, Alexander Schellow, Henry Ughetto 

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Le Living: an experimental space within the exhibition Incarnations, the Body in the macLYON collection

An integral part of the Incarnations exhibition, this living space (Le Living) is open to a host of possibilities, taking into account both the skills and the desires of visitors.
Based on the experience of the Odyssée space, which proved to be a welcoming cocoon for everyone throughout the Little odyssée exhibition in 2022, Le Living pursues this same spirit of openness within the new exhibition.
This space, incorporated into the rooms of the exhibition, bears witness to the immense range of activities on offer at museums today. The latter have truly become places for dialogue, encounters with all art forms, and on a wider level, participatory laboratories, where exchanges and discussions on contemporary life occur.

On a day-to-day basis, Le Living is a place where visitors can find information, where they can create, play, or enter into dialogue with other visitors or exhibition guides. It is also a place where they can take a break during their discovery of the exhibition. There is plenty of drawing materials to hand, information on the exhibitions, and documents about the museum’s various activities and programmes, including videos, podcasts, and images from workshops carried out in the museum or outside its walls...

Events, meetings, and a specific cultural programme bring this space to life in a unique way: workshops, concerts, dialogues, performances, and proposals from groups who live a collective experience within the museum. The scenography also reflects this “spirit”: mobile, modular, and attentive to the needs of the body and the uses of each person in the space.

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Le Living programme:

Concerts, performances, and “salons” where the public and guests can discuss some of the topics that underline our exhibitions: from a musical show for toddlers with Spirito to a discussion led by the urban research lab LALCA, to a participatory performance with Myriam Lefkowitz or podcasts broadcast in the presence of their authors...

In-situ workshops, where visitors can interact with artists, dancers, and musicians, for and of all ages; Displays of off-site projects spearheaded by the museum; performances by high school students; work from adult workshops, student proposals, and as often as possible, collective invitations: for example the hanging of sumptuous embroidered milayas by South Sudanese women, posters by composer Hans Berg present in the exhibition on the second floor, family yoga visits, and choreographed presentations by CNSMD students…

These are just some of the activities and events to come!

A special programme for children is available throughout the season in the form of free events at weekends and group workshops: games, workshops with artists, concerts, visual experiments, etc.

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