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Exhibition view Storytelling
Storytelling, exhibition view. Artworks by Sara Bichão Courtesy de l’artiste. Photo Blaise Adilon

Storytelling is an exhibition of a new genre that intends to make a residency period, as well as a phase of production and exchange between artists, the heart of an artistic project, thereby reversing the time, roles and habitual dynamic of a museum exhibition. Storytelling is conceived as a process of continual production and a new way of thinking about the relationship between the spectator, artist and the museum. For example, the inauguration takes place at the end of the exhibition.

The principle of the exquisite corpse associated with the surrealists serves as the inspiration and pretext to challenging the principles of mounting an exhibition, presenting the work of artists and by means of its transmission, the performance and modes of narration, its approach and perhaps even its appropriation by the public.

Seven young artists (Sara Bichão, Chourouk Hriech, Celsian Langlois, Violaine Lochu, Lou Masduraud & Antoine Bellini, Hannelore Van Dijck) will be invited as part of a short residency to develop a project with the curatorial team, bearing in mind the work of the previously invited artist, in order to invest the spaces of the macLYON over a period ranging from one to three weeks. The exhibition will begin when the first intervention takes place based on an invitation to reflect upon vibration, sound waves and composition.

Offering visitors an opportunity to experience an exhibition in an alternative fashion and to follow its progressive construction and evolution, the public will be able to observe each artist working in the spaces of the museum and to discover the behind-the-scenes work that constitutes an exhibition, either in situ or via social media.

This exhibition devoted to young creation seeks to challenge traditional codes in terms of cultural mediation and to renew the notion of a shared experience with the public. It is also a partition composed by several artists.


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Storytelling is an exhibition in progress. Seven artists (Chourouk Hriech, Lou Masduraud &  Antoine Bellini, Sara Bichão, Celsian Langlois, Hannelore Van Dijck and Violaine Lochu) involve the spectators in the process of creating it. They have been invited to do a two to three-week residency one after another in an exhibition space that gradually becomes an exhibition. It is a new kind of “arts laboratory” that deconstructs the codes of the classic art show, inverting the chronology and interrogating the modes of mediation as well as the relationship with the visitors.

The rules of the exhibition are similar to those of the old Surrealist game cadavre exquis, a variation of the parlour game called Consequences, in which players write in turn on a sheet of paper, folding it over so that the next player continues the story without knowing what has gone before.

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In the Surrealist picture version, enough of the folded-over picture is left showing for the lines of the next instalment to join up with it. In this exhibition, each artist is invited to ask their predecessor three questions as a guide to how they might continue the artistic project. The first artist will be creating a new work inspired by vibrations, waves and composition. The exhibition will gradually come together as a mixture of performance, sculpture, wall painting, installation, and who knows what more.

Storytelling is a challenge for the public, but also for the team at the museum and the artists themselves. It puts the processes of residency, performance and exchange at the heart of the curators’ proposition, with all the element of surprise that that entails. The vernissage will take place at the end of the process, when all the works have been installed and the space defined.




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