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Thameur Mejri

Until My Veins Collapse (States of Emergency) - Exhibition
Artwork by Thameur Mejri
Thameur Mejri, The Walking Target, 2020 Courtesy of the artist

Curated by Salma Tuqan (Delfina Foundation), Matthieu Lelièvre

Thameur Mejri is a young Tunisian artist who expresses himself by means of his colourful, chaotic canvases, inhabited and constructed by fragments of narrative, bodies, objects, etc. He offers a political and critical perspective on the power dynamic that structures contemporary Tunisian society. 
Thameur Mejri will be the artist-in-residence at the macLYON for 2021, during which he will create several large-format pieces for the first time. 

Elected Best Tunisian Artist of 2019, this will be his first solo exhibition in France and in a museum setting! On the third floor of the macLYON, Salma Tuqan will put the exhibition under a subjective prism and invites the public to explore the universe of this young, emerging artist.

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