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The Living

The Living
Photo Lionel Rault

An experimental space within the exhibition Incarnations, the body in the macLYON collection

An integral part of the Incarnations exhibition, this living space (Le Living) is open to a host of possibilities, taking into account
both the skills and the desires of visitors.
Based on the experience of the Odyssée space, which proved to be a welcoming cocoon for everyone throughout the Little 
exhibition in 2022, Le Living pursues this same spirit of openness within the new exhibition.
This space, incorporated into the rooms of the exhibition, bears witness to the immense range of activities on offer at museums today. The latter have truly become places for dialogue, encounters with all art forms, and on a wider level, participatory laboratories, where exchanges and discussions on contemporary life occur.

On a day-to-day basis, Le Living is a place where visitors can find information, where they can create, play, or enter into dialogue with other visitors or exhibition guides. It is also a place where they can take a break during their discovery of the exhibition. There is plenty of drawing materials to hand, information on the exhibitions, and documents about the museum’s various activities and programmes, including videos, podcasts, and images from workshops carried out in the museum or outside its walls...

Events, meetings, and a specific cultural programme bring this space to life in a unique way: workshops, concerts, dialogues, performances, and proposals from groups who live a collective experience within the museum.
The scenography also reflects this “spirit”: mobile, modular, and attentive to the needs of the body and the uses of each person in the space.

Le Living programme:
Concerts, performances, and “salons” where the public and guests can discuss some of the topics that underline our exhibitions: the complete program is available in our agenda.
In-situ workshops, where visitors can interact with artists, dancers, and musicians, for and of all ages; displays of off-site projects spearheaded by the museum; performances by high school students; works from adult workshops, student proposals, and as often as possible, collective invitations.

A special programme for children is available throughout the season in the form of free events at weekends and group workshops: games, workshops with artists, concerts, visual experiments, etc.

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