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Tal Isaac Hadad

Regarder respirer (Breathing Pictures) - Exhibition
Exhibition view Tal Isaac Hadad
Tal Isaac Hadad, Regarder Respirer (Breathing Pictures), exhibition view Photo Blaise Adilon

The Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon offers Tal Isaac Hadad his first monographic exhibition in France. It will feature an ensemble of works and sound performances generated from new forms of exchange with the public.

Tal Isaac Hadad is a young French visual artist. His sound art is constructed from an analysis of listening experiences and musical objects. His approach, which mostly begins with an observation of the musical scene or from the presence of sound in public spaces, is evocative of that of an ethnomusicologist. He is interested in the therapeutic, social and artistic dimensions of music.

His performances generate an array of auditory sensations amongst listeners that provoke a large range of emotions. It is the latter, naturally present in the context of a concert hall or an opera, which he restitutes and decomposes in the space of the museum in order to invite the public to become aware of it. Récital pour un masseur for example communicates through song the physical sensation of the singers being massaged. The performance Through you generates a sense of excitement and nervousness.
The exhibition makes use of a large community of singers, choirs and therapists. This subversion of therapeutic and musical functions is also reflected in the transformation of musical instruments, i.e., the transformation of a piano in a certain piece done with the aid of piano makers.


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Third floor in the museum


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For his first solo exhibition in France, the artist is occupying the space of the Museum with a number of performances involving musical instruments, opera singers and masseurs. His installations and performances are spread over three rooms, in which visitors are invited to listen to their own senses.
Regarder Respirer, the exhibition devised by Tal Isaac Hadad, is constructed in a sequence of movements in the manner
of a symphony. Through various types of experience, the visitor is drawn into the artist’s fascinating world; for several years now, he has been deconstructing the basic principles of classical music and opera.

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These recorded or live performances, which involve piano or voice, encourage visitors to identify certain basic phenomena that enable the emotions triggered by the music and the voice to be felt more intensely.
The way the spectator and the participants experience the moment and the act of listening are central to the five works presented: five moments, five encounters with the visitor’s sense of hearing and their emotions. 
Tal Isaac Hadad is interested in the therapeutic, social and artistic dimensions of music. By bringing the act of listening into the museum he changes the emphasis of our usual experience of music and explores its nature as one of many sensory experiences.



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