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Wall Drawings

Icônes urbaines - Exhibition
Vue d'exposition Wall Drawings
ENGLISH Vue de l'exposition Wall Drawings au MAC Lyon, 2016. Œuvre de Kid Kréol & Boogie. Photo: Blaise Adilon

Contemporary art and local tradition: when art invades the walls and streets of the world city, we get WALL DRAWINGS Icônes urbaines.

“Globe Painter” Julien Malland alias Seth invites 10 artists that he has worked with all over the world: Charley Case (Belgium), Jaz (Argentina), Kid Kréol & Boogie (Réunion), Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope (Israel), Reko Rennie (Australia), Saner (Mexico), Teck (Ukraine), Elliot Tupac (Peru) and Wenna (China).

An alternative history in which Wall Drawing becomes urban icon!

Curators: Julien Malland and Hervé Perdriolle

After a 9-month journey around the world in 2003, Julien Malland alias Seth printed the book Globe-Painter (awarded the jury’s special prize at the Travel Book Festival, Clermont-Ferrand 2007) and also made a series of programs for Canal+ (Les nouveaux explorateurs).
For many years, art critic, collector, gallerist and exhibition curator Hervé Perdriolle has presented works blending the traditional and the contemporary, particularly works from the Indian sub-continent, in which he is a renowned specialist.

With the support of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

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Texte En savoir plus : Gauche

The story of this exhibition, its history and its narrative, are the story of Julien Malland, the astonishing traveller who, for years now, has been sharing walls, neighbourhoods, spray cans, actions and ideas with the rest of the planet and signing the work Seth. His career was to be the thread linking geographical places, artists, icons and images.

The intention of the exhibition is to bring territories together and break down barriers. It takes us to as many countries as there are artists: Belgium, Argentina, France and Réunion, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Peru, and China. It involves as many artists as there are images to be invented and works to be drawn. 

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Charley CaseFranco Fasoli / JazKid Kréol & BoogieAddam Yekutieli aka Know HopeReko RennieSanerTeckElliot Tupac, and Wenna have all been invited to do their ‘inside-walls’ the way they do them ‘outside’, and to do them during the two weeks immediately before the exhibition opens. Incidentally, we will be leaving the door slightly ajar from 19 to 28 September in order to share the work in progress.

Their journey together is communal, a shared experience, a nimble-fingered, rational yet crazy blend of assorted techniques: draughtsmanship, bituminous paint, oil, tar, assembly, ready-made, tattoos, geometrical patterns, silkscreen printing, lettering, posters, collage, text, ‘pictures’, illustration, ceramics,… Basically it’s global!

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