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Crossover : David Posth-Kohler x Bruce Nauman

Artwork by David Posth-Kohler, exhibition view
David Posth-Kohler, Sténos, 2019. Exhibition view in CIC, Biennale de Lyon 2019. Collection macLYON Photo Blandine Soulage

In 2019, in the framework of the Biennale de Lyon, the CIC – Lyonnaise de Banque commissioned a monumental work from sculptor David Posth-Kohler for its atrium. After the Biennale, Sténos was given to the museum collection by the artist. With Sténos, David Posth-Kohler brings giants to life. These possess the ability to construct and deconstruct themselves into a multitude of alter-egos.

Although David Posth-Kohler has always been interested in the question of the body, his recent work is more particularly oriented towards mise-en-scène. He designs and makes models of figures – gesticulating, disjointed automatons – and explores the theatricality of the body. David Posth-Kohler manipulates the extremes, he contorts, changes the scale and likes to "de-normalise".

Crossover is an exhibition that strives to create a dialogue between a work from the collection and an emerging artist. After Jimmy Richer and Hélène Hulak, David Posth-Kohler is the third artist invited to invest the Museum entrance.

For the occasion, the works of David Posth-Kohler will echo Bruce Nauman’s videos from our collection. Bruce Nauman, in the 1960s, questioned the body and everyday gestures, staging himself during filmed performances.

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